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Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum alive and well 

St St. Bernard's Prep School, Slough visited the College Natural History Museum just before Short Leave.  32 children accompanied by 6 staff were in the party.  Their visit focussed on Old Etonian Sir Joseph Banks (1743 – 1820) and the need for careful observation and recording by biologists when undertaking surveys. The children collected specimens on their walk through Eton's grounds en route to the Museum. The visit was rounded off by a perfect picnic next to the Banks Garden!
The Friends of the Grant Museum, UCL’s very own zoology museum, will visit the Eton College Natural History Museum on their annual outing today.  As well as a talk from Curator George Fussey, the Friends will have a tour of both the NHM and the Museum of Eton Life, followed by a tour of College Library, including the King James’ Bible exhibition and the new Verey Gallery.

DATE POSTED: 04 October 2011

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