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John Micklethwait, Editor of The Economist

The Keynes Society was honoured to welcome John Micklethwait, Editor-in-Chief of The Economist, on Thursday 9th February in Upper School. We were also delighted to welcome three visiting schools to the lecture. Mr Micklethwait spoke on the topic ‘The world, Britain and you: the case for paranoid optimism’, which addressed the changing nature of the global economy in an increasingly intertwined world. Mr Micklethwait highlighted five areas where change would be inevitable in the near future: the US sovereign debt; the eurozone; the role of the state in China; inequality across the globe; and governance. Mr Micklethwait drew on some key aspects of the global economy which would affect our lives in the future. 


Arjun Bathia (ASR)


DATE POSTED: 07 March 2012

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