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The Rock Soc

Saturday 9th February

Eton was privileged to have the acclaimed 90s Britpop band Dodgy to play for the Rock Society in School Hall. The band performed all of their most famous songs, with ‘Staying Out for the Summer’ and the closing number ‘Good Enough’ being the highlights of the evening. Three Eton bands provided the supporting acts for the night. KMSTRY opened the evening up with some dirty ‘DnB’. B block band Rova played a short set of their poppy brand of rock music. It was the third act of the night, Montee, who really lifted the crowd. His progressive house was very well received by the School Hall crowd, and not for the first time either. 

Huge thanks are due to NDG for organising the event, as well as all the beaks that helped marshal a lively audience. 
Rufus Gibbs (MAG)
DATE POSTED: 11 February 2013

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