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Medical Society Lecture, 14 January 2009

‘My life as a drug pusher – drug delivery in the 21st century.’


A talk by Dr. Charles Potter from Glide Pharmaceuticals 


He started the talk with a quick overview of how the medical profession has advanced rapidly in recent years, for example CT/MRI scans; however one of the few things that hasn't is the method of administering drugs. The needle and syringe has remained the dominant method since the late 18th Century. Dr. Potter is currently working on a new method of administering drugs to replace the needle and syringe. His prototype project is called Glide and it is a new idea to administer solid drugs into the body. Glide works by using a spring to propel a splinter shaped solid/object (i.e. the drug) into the body so that it sits just below the surface of the skin. Following this the drug dissolves and is absorbed.


He stated many advantages to this relatively painless method: Firstly from surveys many would prefer the use of Glide to that of a syringe but also that Glide is inexpensive to produce, reduces risk of spreading disease and allows for multiple dosages to be given in a single 'shot'.


Glide, following clinical trials and if approved by NICE, will be available in about 12 years.





David Huang


DATE POSTED: 14 January 2009

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