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Hockey - Eton vs Wellington



1st XI Hockey:   Eton 2 Wellington 1
(May 2)

Eton registered their third consecutive win over Wellington, but the final few minutes were unnecessarily tense. Despite a sloppy opening, with passes going astray from both sides, Eton soon wrested control of the midfield. Arwas (especially), Innes, Karslake and Shaw Stewart began to assert themselves and to feed May on the wing, who bettered his marker on numerous occasions. He and Holden had several chances against Wellington’s England-trialist goalkeeper but, quite rightly, looked to earn penalty corners where possible. This area of Eton’s game, which has served the team well in recent years, has been misfiring of late: no fewer than 10 went unconverted in the first half (one would hope for a success rate of 1 in 3). At the other end, Hutchison was largely untroubled, but did save brilliantly low to his left.

May opened the scoring shortly after the break, finally deflecting in a penalty corner from Karslake, and repeating the trick two minutes later. With the pressure released, Eton played their best hockey: bouncing the ball quickly between players and running into space. But a Wellington break led to a (subsequently converted) penalty-stroke after the otherwise impressive Cox illegally prevented a goal-scoring opportunity. With fifteen minutes remaining, both the tempo and emotions became raised. Arwas was sin-binned for an indiscretion and Palmer followed him 2 minutes later, leaving Eton with just 9 men for a 3-minute period. Having survived this nervous spell, Eton retained some composure to play out the final few minutes.


TA 27.1.09


DATE POSTED: 27 January 2009

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