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Eton is committed to making an education here accessible to talented boys, whatever their background.  We currently have over 100 boys in receipt of full fee remission, and 20% of boys receive some level of bursary support.  We plan to increase our capacity to support boys at all levels, further diversifying our community and enhancing the learning experience of both these bursary recipients and their peers.

Philanthropy has always been key to the financial support we give through scholarships and bursaries.  Indeed, a core part of the Founder’s gift to Eton was intended to support the education of the 70 King’s Scholars, and many gifts in the intervening centuries have been to enable more boys to benefit from an Eton education.

It is the time in my life when I made the largest personal advancement, in the classroom, on the playing fields and in my decision of what I would do as a career. It is this that an Eton College bursary affords.

Jacob Weir (PB, MGHM 13)

At present the College spends ca. £9.5 million annually on the Bursary Programme.  Of this, half is funded either through endowed gifts or through very long-term commitments.  The remaining £4.7 million has, in recent years, been supported through gifts for current expenditure.  It is now our ambition to secure that funding permanently by encouraging donors to give towards a ring-fenced endowment fund, the income from which will make permanent the existing level of provision and in time enable its expansion. Gifts towards bursaries may be made either to the endowment fund or to current-use bursaries, and the Development Office would be delighted to discuss options with you. 

You can read more about our bursaries programme here.

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