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The Eton College Collections are among Eton’s distinctive strengths. These extraordinary holdings include books and manuscripts, art and artefacts and natural history specimens, ranging from the prehistoric to the present day. The quality and scope of the Collections are unique among schools, and they are of national and international significance.

It is with great joy that I witness the near daily expansion of our Collections. Whether it’s welcoming the vast array of schools keen to inspire their own students; assisting visiting scholars in historic research; opening exhibitions for the local community to enjoy and learn from or conserving and digitising our own treasures, our Collections staff’s work appears never-ending.

Lord Waldegrave of North Hill, Provost

The Collections play a vibrant role in the everyday life of the College, and they are used extensively in teaching. They are also open to the global research community and serve—through exhibitions, events, visits and educational programmes—as the first point of contact with the College for many schoolchildren, students, specialists and history and art lovers. The College is committed to ensuring that the heritage embodied in the Collections remains open to investigation and appreciation at Eton and beyond.

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